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For the month of August I am delving into the subject of space. Space within interiors is quite often a subject that is over looked and remains untouched, but it is simply, in my opinion, the most important aspect of deciding whether an interior ’works’ or doesn’t. It is the very first impression that is created and it becomes so important as it builds the foundations for you to work your magic on.


Claremont Console Table - Weathered Oak



Room layouts and spacial awareness within interiors sounds like a tricky thing to tackle. Honestly, its not. The subject quite often forms a part of personal preference as to how you like your room layout. Changing a room layout from something to another will create a whole different feeling, it is really quite amazing how the overall mood and atmosphere in the house can be affected and changed through something as simple as a room layout.

One of the reasons I love to deal with ‘space’ is because its psychological. Take, for example, an open planned kitchen. You walk in and you are met with a large open area. Immediately, this sings entertaining, everyone welcome, however sometimes not particularly cosy. But this is great for kitchens, for example. An area where you will likely be entertaining is perfect for the open-planned aspect. That way you can socialise with your guests whilst also attending the kitchen.

On the flip side, take a lovely living room. For me, I love the lounge to be close knit and extremely cosy. Chairs that face into each other create a lovely intimate feeling. Somewhere where you can sit back and relax with a cup of tea.

Here we used this grand entrance hall as an formal dining room for the warmer months as there is plenty of light coming in through 3 windows. Then in the winter we used the space as a more informal area to enjoy morning coffee.


Dining Tables - Montague Large Weathered Oak Rectangular Dining Table


Of course, as mentioned above, how you like your room set up is all down to personal preference. Play around with ideas. Change the set up according to the seasons. For instance, employ a more intimate setting for the winter months and then flip it around to being more ‘open’ in the summer.


Maximising the amount of space that you have can never be a bad thing. As your life changes, whether its through marriage or children, so will your interior needs. Its important to recognise that doing something so simple, can make a big difference. All to often people assume that by expanding a family, the need to up sticks and move is urgent. But take a step back. Do you love your home? Do you love your location? Then create more space, whether through extending or shifting the layout around. In the long run, I can guarantee it will save a lot of money and stress, and with everyday life being hectic enough, why should we bring more to the plate?


In this open plan orangery we created a smart seating area during the cooler months. Then transformed it into an elegant dining space to enjoy afternoon tea in the summer, whilst overlooking the garden.



Food for thought there. If you find it too hard or are too much in the thick of your current home, employ a designer who would be more than happy to go through all of your options. After all, its what we are here for!


Until next time…


August 25, 2018 by Sarah Cook
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