One of the most important aspects of any interior space and one of my true passions is colour. Re-designing a house, or even a room can sometimes seem a little daunting. You may be asking yourself the questions, ‘where do I start?’ ‘what comes first?’  I like to think of all interior projects as a layering process.

The base layer is to consist of the structure and space, and on top of that lies ‘colour’. Getting the correct colour into your interiors is extremely important to create the mood you desire. It is wise to choose your colour tone based on the type of room you are designing.

For example, the calm space of a bedroom or bathroom will do well to be decorated in a cool and calm colour, such a greys and blues. Psychologically these colours promote tranquillity, which is essential for a space that you want sleep or relax in.

In contrast, a living area could risk looking ‘too cold’ if to be decorated in the same colours. A warmer tone is usually recommended, which will promote a calming space in which to relax and enjoy.


Here at LRI, we tend to use a muted colour scheme with warm tones running through it. That way we feel we create timeless pieces that will not date. Having the perfect muted colour scheme allows you also to layer your colours within the interior layering grid.

Pop’s of colour work extremely well to bring out the different tones of your space. This way of decorating also means that you can go with the fashionable colours by using your accessories.



Although I could talk about colour all day long, I think it’s important to remember 3 main tips before you get started, so here they are!...

  1. Whilst going through the selection process to get to your perfect colour, it is important to choose at least 3-5 colours per room. All colours look different in the lighting throughout the day and therefore its important to be able to see them in different lights and from different angles.

 Neutral living room moodboard


  1. Never choose straight from a colour chart! PLEASE please remember, they are there for guidance only. Colour charts, although quite accurate are generated on a computer and do not give allowance for the lighting in rooms. It is always, always worth making that trip to the shop to get some testers. Trust me, you won’t regret it!
  1. As touched on above, it is so important to realise that colour reflects your mood, it is completely psychological. Want cool and calm space, choose the cool and calm colours. Want a more warming space? Yep, you guessed it, choose the warmer colours. Simple!


Neutral Bedroom headboard


Talking about colour, I have my own process to go through as I am renovating our new house! Whilst it can always feel daunting to start the ball rolling, breaking the interior process down into layers will always assist you. I’ll be sure to keep you updated along the way!


Until next time…


June 11, 2018

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