La Residence Interiors was founded ten years ago by us, Dan and Sarah Cook, after we started designing our own furniture while renovating properties in the UK and France. 

We really struggled to find high-quality, luxury furniture to style and furnish our homes. So we decided to design a few items of furniture and have them made specifically for us.

So many people who saw our furniture kept asking where it was from and wanted to buy similar pieces themselves. It was then that we decided to create an exclusive collection of our very own and La Residence Interiors was born.

At first, the collection was influenced by our love of France and the fact we had a home there, hence the name and distinct Gallic overtones to the styling of some pieces, such as our classic French-style Louis armchair.

But as the company has grown and we have expanded our range, we've moved on to creating timeless, elegant, classic furniture that harmonises with a wide range interiors, from French farmhouse to Huf Haus.

Our company has been fortunate to experience significant growth and we continue to build incredible long-lasting relationships with our customers. We've come a long way from where we started – in a draughty barn with just the two of us.

We've recently expanded our showroom in Alfold, Surrey, and have a small but incredible team working with us in sales and marketing as we continue to develop our business. 

Each season, we have been adding complementary pieces of furniture, new fabrics and new home accessories to our collection, which we know our customers will adore.

We hope you enjoy visiting our online store. If you have any further queries we'd love to hear from you.

Best wishes,

Dan, Sarah and the LRI team

Co Founders Dan, Sarah and Casper