About Us


La Residence Interiors was founded by Dan and Sarah Cook over a decade ago, as they began designing their own furniture while renovating properties in the UK and France. Struggling to find high-quality, luxury furniture to style and furnish their homes, they decided to design their own pieces and have them made specifically for them.


The couple's unique furniture caught the attention of many, who were impressed and interested in purchasing similar items. This led Dan and Sarah to create an exclusive collection, which marked the birth of La Residence Interiors.


Initially influenced by their love for France and their home there, the company's collection featured distinct Gallic overtones. However, as La Residence Interiors grew, the focus shifted towards creating timeless, elegant furniture that seamlessly blends with a variety of interior styles, from French farmhouse to Huf Haus.


Over the years, the company has seen significant growth and
has established strong relationships with customers. Starting out as a small team of two in a barn, La Residence Interiors now operates out of an expanded showroom in Alfold, Surrey, with a dedicated and passionate sales and marketing team.


With each season, the collection continues to expand with new pieces of furniture, fabrics, and home accessories that are sure to delight customers.


Co-Founders Dan and Sarah, the LRI team and of course, Coco.