Well the seasons are changing and what better time to address one of my favourite subjects… texture.

Now, we all know that texture can be experienced in different sensory ways: you can taste it, touch it, see it – and even hear it in music. 

Within the world of interiors, texture is a fundamental aspect of building your interior base. Without it, interiors would look bland and unappealing. And whilst it’s not necessarily a subject that some people would consider paramount in their homes, I will outline below just how important it can be.

As the summer months draw to a close, the cooler shades of blues and greys start to get packed away in boxes until next year’s warmer seasons start to come round, and we start to see the warmer colours appear, such as reds and oranges.

It’s well known that as the colder seasons start to draw their way in, the first thing we do as humans is to want to be cosy within our homes. So, what do we start to do (apart from getting the fire going with a nice glass of mulled wine?) We start to add blankets and cushions, and generally start to ‘warm the place up.’

It’s also no coincidence that as the colder months start to draw in that we start to see the warmer colours appearing, such as oranges and reds. These colours add a feeling of warmth and closeness, which emulate our feelings of the winter time.

One you have chosen your preferred texture, whether it be a gorgeous faux fur blanket, or a stone picture frame, the next stage is all about layering. The most important thing to remember with different textures is not to be scared of them!

They add visual interest and can be something as simple as a velvet cushion to a floor-to-ceiling ceramic sculpture. Putting a velvet cushion next to a chunky wool knit cushion gives you gorgeous layers of texture that are warm and inviting. Playing about and layering is all part of the fun.

I have provided an example of texture below to give you all some food for thought…

Above you can see a picture of our gorgeous Belvedere bench. Here we were preparing a photoshoot for autumn, so we added a sheepskin in to create an element of warmth. If we were doing the same picture for the summer months we would have taken the sheepskin away and left the wood bare.

Every time you add a new texture into your interiors, you add a new design element. Texture has the power to add warmth depth and character to your home, a vital ingredient. Don’t pass it by, get playing now!

October 17, 2018

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