Most of our luxury furniture pieces come about from conversations we have had with our valued customers. As we are lucky enough to use an exclusive factory we have free rein over what we can design and therefore have made.

We also do extensive market research to see how we can continue to build our brand by adding luxurious furniture pieces that we know you will adore.

Over the past 6 months we have mainly concentrated on adding smaller versions of our dining tables as many customers asked us if we could do this. In particular our round dining tables. We now make these in a 150cm and a 120cm size, these have proved very popular.



Another frequent request in recent months was to introduce a smaller scale wooden dining chair, maybe more practical for those who have small children and also perfect for those who wish to create a less informal look in their home.

Our Flore Bistro chairs have been a big hit amongst our customers and we also had these featured in the national magazine, RED. These sold out immediately so we have ordered more which are currently in production and are due back in a couple of months.



We have also talked to our customers about introducing new colours into our collection. We keep our colour palette very minimal for a reason – we truly believe that too much choice can be confusing. We have been busy sourcing some gorgeous velvets for our ottomans and dining chairs, which will go into production towards the end of this year.


Is there anything you have been searching for that you think we should introduce? If so please do get in touch.

Until next time!

Sarah x











May 07, 2019

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