We're looking forward to our first event with Farrow & Ball next Thursday (June 27) when the Guildford team will be at our showroom solving a variety of decorating dilemmas submitted by our customers and answering questions from anyone who comes to our drop-in session on the day.



The big issue for most seems to be: which colours – or myriad shades of them – to use where? And if you're one of those feeling overwhelmed by the huge array of hues, washes and finishes on offer, where do you start?

I remember feeling a bit daunted by the prospect of decorating our barn-style showroom when we first moved in last September.

I didn't decide on a scheme overnight – it was more of a process – and I was lucky to have help from local interior designers Smoke & Mirrors to keep me on track.

Of course, I had to think about the showroom's main purpose. I needed a scheme that would provide the perfect complementary backdrop to our furniture and accessories and that would also look inspirational ... something that people could aspire to when they walked through the door.

I also wanted a neutral theme so that I could make the best use of accent colours, something classic that wouldn't look outdated within a year or two, and I wanted contrast to provide interest and depth.



Ta dah! Farrow & Ball worked like magic! The walls are Stony Ground (211), the contrast and feature walls are Mouse's Back (40) and the woodwork is Light Gray (17).

Well, I say it has obviously worked – but that's not just me blowing my own trumpet ... it's because everyone who comes in asks me what the colours are!

The oak flooring from Flooring Direct also goes really well, while the rugs add warmth and texture. Lots of people also ask where the rugs came from ... you might have heard of the store: it's Swedish and sells meatballs!

I'm sure F&B will giving out lots of invaluable advice next week, so I'll report back. In the meantime, if you're experiencing a colour conundrum, I'd say don't rush into anything.

Think about the purpose of the room... if it needs to be restful, consider muted colours, if it's a stimulating space, such as a playroom, bold brights could work – even if used subtly on a feature wall.

When choosing F&B colours, I've found it really helpful to paint a tester shade onto a large piece of paper and hold it up against the wall in different areas of the room. It's amazing how different the effect is depending on the light.  

Happy decorating!






June 20, 2019

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