In this blog I will talking about dining chairs… which ones to choose and how they will complement your table. I personally love a great dining experience and have never met anyone who says that they don’t! Gone are the days when you spend your time eating a meal sat on a hard wooden chair wanting to move as quickly as possible and leaving with the feeling of numbness on your bottom!

Here at LRI we specialise in creating a fantastic dining experience and cater for all needs with the thought of luxury and comfort at the forefront of our minds.

So, let’s start with the style of chair. Some questions to ask yourself are, which room are my chairs located in? Depending on the room you may prefer a slightly more informal style chair, if so our Hamilton or Devonshire chairs are perfect for this. 

 Devonshire Dining Chair

Devonshire chairs and Belmont Dining Table

If a formal dining room is what you have in mind, a great chair  to consider would be our luxury Burford and Kingsley chairs. Although in my opinion and taking into account today's living these chairs also look amazing in a large orangery style kitchen/diner too if you have lots of space and light.


Now ask yourself, ‘how big is my table?’ Take our beautiful and grand Belvedere Dining Table which looks fantastic with a larger chair. As you can see from the image below from a past styling shoot, both the Burford and the Kingsley Chairs have been used here too. The height and boldness of the chairs work alongside this dining table perfectly, and you can easily mix and match the style of chairs too.

What if you fancy a slightly more elegant table then our Belmont Oval is one for you. Also available with a unique black painted top, this table looks fabulous with both our Dark Grey or Oatmeal Burford chairs.

 Kingsley and Burford Dining Chairs in Dark Grey



 Kingsley and Burford Dining Chairs in Oatmeal


Or these chairs even look great when mixed together too for a bit more of a contemporary look.



Most importantly, you need to choose a chair that is comfortable for you. As we design our furniture, we spend a great deal of time focusing on the quality and comfort of our products. The linens that we have sourced are of the highest standard and maintain their shape for long lasting durability. Don’t forget, we are here to help, so please do come and see us and we can advise you on the best product for you.  After all, a dining experience is one to enjoy. So go on, eat drink and be merry!


Until next time…



February 23, 2018

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