As the colder seasons have set in and everyone has well and truly packed away the barbecues, we prepare for the dinner party season! In this blog I will be sharing some tips and giving some advice on how to select the perfect dining table along with some advice on dressing it, hoping to give you all some inspiration ready for the coming festivities.

Here at LRI, we specialise in dining sets and remain ever popular and well known for them. I love dinner parties. What better way to spend your evenings than with friends and loved ones around a gorgeously dressed dining table, devouring goodies and sipping on a nice glass of your favourite tipple, all in the comfort of your own home?!


One question I am asked a lot is the shape of dining table that best suits the space, otherwise known as the round vs rectangular debate.  

Although this decision is really a matter of personal preference, one thing I always tell my clients is that you do have to consider the space that you are working with. Something to consider carefully when selecting your dining table is the amount of space you have to fill.

Putting a smaller dining table in a large room will result in a very unbalanced and underwhelmed space. Your table needs to fill the room along with the chairs that will be set with it. Round tables are known for their personal touch; you can see everyone at all times when you are sitting around a circular table. They also look great in smaller spaces, if you aren’t blessed with a huge dining area.

Our very popular Amberley Table, pictured below creates a lovely personal touch, but also has a very ‘sturdy’ look.


Amberley Weathered Oak Urn Style Dining Table


Rectangular tables tend to seat more people, and if you have a large dining area, then I would always select a rectangular table to reflect the shaping of the room.  They can also add a certain ‘presence’ that is more suitable for larger areas. Take for example the picture of our stunning Belvedere, it creates a certain ‘grandeur’ and looks perfect in the space that its filling.


Once you have selected your perfect dining table, then comes the really fun part; dressing it! We recently completed two photoshoots on location and had so much fun in the process, and so did Casper. (pictures included below). 



Texture is so important when styling any space, and that goes for dining tables as well! Oh how Casper loves a sheepskin rug!

The more layered the textures, the warmer the space generally looks.




As with all styling, don’t forget the basic rule - don’t be afraid to experiment! If you don’t like it, move it. Simples.

That’s all for now, please look out for December’s blog which will include all things ‘Christmas!’. My favourite time of year.


Until then…



November 20, 2017

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