Spring time is fast approaching (finally!) and its time to have a shift around in your home. Everyone is getting out their feather dusters and marigolds as the warmer months start to appear from the darkness. Now, don’t get me wrong, but I’m one of those strange people who loves it.

I get most joy out of restyling the house and giving it a fresher feel. Which brings me onto this months subject…

This month I am going to be talking all things ‘ottomans’. Here at LRI, we are very well recognised for our fabulous contribution to the ottoman and footstool world. Our gorgeous collection of ottoman coffee tables remain to be one of the best sellers with our lovely customers. Why, you ask? We upholster all our footstools and ottomans with the highest quality Belgian linens, and they are all crafted from our popular solid weathered oak and so they truly speak for themselves.



Ottomans coffee tables, paired with the sofa, are the focal point of the living area. Ottomans are the perfect option to have in your living room as they double up to make a ottoman coffee table, a footstool, or extra seating. So versatile and easy, an ottoman is a must have for everyone!

Small ottomans serve very well as a decorative place too; the ideal platform for all your favourite home accessories. The following items are a ‘must have’ to set the platform alive:

Tray – A beautiful tray not only looks great, but is extremely practical. A great option for placing your accessories on and saving your gorgeous linens from any unwanted stains!



Candle – A candle has a gorgeous way of bringing relaxation to a room. A lovely smell teamed with a soft ambience of a flickering flame makes for the perfect finishing touch on an ottoman.

Coffee Table Books – Some books are just not meant for touching! Beautiful decorative books create a calm mood (and choosing the right ones will make you look like an interior whizz!)



Personal touch – This includes any favourite accessory, which matches the style of your room. Remember that an ottoman is a focal point, so put your favourite accessories on there and get your visitors tongues wagging!

Styling your ottoman coffee table is process, so don’t rush it! Instead, make it fun and play around with your own styling ideas. I have included some ‘here are some I made earlier images here’ to give you ideas of ways we style our ottomans in the showroom and for photoshoots.



I hope this blog post gives you some food for thought and that you find the right styling ideas for you and your home. After all, as they say, ‘home is not a place, it’s a feeling.’


Until next time…







March 19, 2018

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