Elevate Your Home with La Residence Interiors: Five Stand-Out Pieces to Enhance Your Style

At La Residence Interiors, we believe in making every home not just beautiful, but also a sanctuary where comfort and personal style converge. We are thrilled to bring you five stand-out pieces from our collection that promise to help you elevate your home.

We have selected each one because they perfectly embody the essence of La Residence Interiors – timeless elegance, impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Claremont Console Table

Introducing our Claremont Weathered Oak Console table. Handmade from our signature weathered oak with two prominent curvaceous solid columns and intricately carved dentil moulding details highlighting the top edge, it achieves a striking statement in any living space. Perfectly suited for hallways or living rooms to display lamps or mirrors. This magnificent piece truly illustrates our commitment to timeless, elegant design.

Montague Dining Table

The Montague Dining Table is a standout piece from our collection which marries traditionally 17th-century Monastery designs with our passion for stylishly designed furniture. Not only do the hand-turned, solid baluster legs give character and individuality, but the handcrafted table top also boasts a pronounced grain, courtesy of wire brush techniques, making this weathered oak table a unique addition to any home. Available in two accommodating sizes and seating up to ten guests.

Petit Royale Ottoman - Champagne

Introducing our sumptuously upholstered Petit Royale Ottoman Coffee Table. This multifunctional piece flaunts a delicate champagne hue, with a weathered oak frame and a deep buttoned top enhanced with brushed steel studded detailing, adding a touch of opulence to any living room.

Kingsley Barstool

Dovetailing seamlessly into our Kingsley Barstools in Oatmeal which showcase meticulous attention to detail with its brushed bronze studs and elegant weathered oak legs. For those fortunate enough to possess the Kingsley dining chairs, these bar stools will seamlessly complement your breakfast bar, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to your home.

Home Accessories

Our selection of home accessories offer you the perfect finishing touches to your home. We are excited to present these Tea Light Holders which beautifully cast a warm glow that enhances the ambience of your home, making it the perfect addition to any mantle piece or dining table.

Our commitment goes beyond providing stylishly designed furniture; we aim to empower every homeowner to have the confidence to transform their personal space into a place where they can truly live life in style. 

Explore our website for a glimpse of our carefully curated collection, make every corner of your home speak volumes about you, with La Residence Interiors.