La Residence Interiors' Sarah Cook taking a photo of ottoman in showroom

LRI co-founder Sarah, taking a picture of our ottoman in the showroom. 


Have you looked at our customer photo gallery lately? It’s a great source of inspiration and very informative if you’re wondering how our furniture looks in our customers’ homes.

We’d love to see some more of these super-stylish images of our furniture taken by you, so we’re offering a prize of a £150 voucher for the most inspiring shot, plus two runner-up prizes of vouchers worth £75 each.

You could spend your vouchers on a set of new cushions, a lamp (or two!), tableware or decorative objects, or use them to get a discount on a more substantial item of furniture.

Whether you have a dining table, chairs, bench, side table, console or ottoman, we’d love to see them in an Insta-worthy setting that shows the furniture in its best light.

This challenge is open for 2 weeks to give you time to think about how best to style your space and take a shot. You don’t need a special camera – any mobile phone can take a decent picture these days but here are a few tips – and a link to our customer photo page to give you some inspiration.

1. Have a quick tidy and clean of the space you want to photograph. Ideally it should be as clutter and dust-free as possible;

2. Think about the composition: the item of furniture should be the main focus but think about what else is in shot that will add interest. Decorative objects and lamps can add colour, texture and different heights. Or style the shot with cushions, a throw or a basket;

3. Light it right: the best lighting for taking pictures of your home is in bright indirect light during the day. Avoid night-time shots (too dark), artificial lighting (too harsh), and lots of sunlight streaming through windows (too washed out). Aim for a bright but slightly cloudy day (plenty of those at the moment!) for the softest, most flattering light;

4. Consider your perspective: do you want to alter the angle of the shot to give it more impact? Take a photo of your ottoman while crouching down, for example, or sitting on the sofa? Or take a picture from higher up, standing (carefully!) on a low stool? Adjusting your point of view can help a picture to stand out from the crowd.

Once you’ve taken your picture, you can either post it on Instagram and tag us or send it to by the end of the day on Friday 4 June for your chance to win.

We will then choose our favourites and announce the winners on Thursday 10 June. Happy snapping!

Take a look at our current customer photo gallery for inspiration!