With the holiday season just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about how to transform your dining table into a captivating centrepiece for festive gatherings. In this blog post, we'll share invaluable tips and creative ideas to help you style your dining table and elevate the ambience of your home this Christmas.


Christmas Table Decor


Choose a colour scheme

Setting a colour theme for your holiday table adds a touch of uniformity and sophistication. Whether you prefer rich colours or classic neutral shades, selecting a theme will help guide your choices of patterns, and decorations.


Table Decor Belvedere Table


Add Layers with Placemats

Adding layers to your dining table creates depth and visual interest whilst protecting your beloved dining table. Placemats coordinating in colours or textures frame each place setting beautifully. Consider mixing and matching different materials like contrasting the grain of the weathered oak table can create an elevated look.




Select Stunning Dinnerware

Investing in our elegant dinnerware, from stylish bowls and plates and other beautiful dinnerware is always worth it, especially during the holiday season. Mixing and matching different patterns and textures can create a visually appealing table setting.




Add a splash of Nature to your Arrangement

Adding faux flowers to your setting can help bring a beautifully natural element to your table. For this season, a rich colour that complements your chosen theme is the perfect choice to add a touch of elegance.


Faux Flowers


Incorporate Statement Pieces

A centrepiece adds a focal point to your table and sets the tone for the overall style. This can be either a decorative tray or dish to display your favourite home accessories to a champagne cooler.


Champagne Cooler


Don't Forget the Table Accessories

Small details can make a significant impact. Decorate your table with our favourite napkin rings, decorative dishes or other home accessories to level up your décor. It's these small details that make a dining table truly memorable.


Napkin Ring


Enhance the Ambience with Lighting

Lighting is key to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider adding our Hurricane Smoke Lamps to your table. Soft, warm lighting can create a cosy and intimate vibe, perfect for holiday gatherings.




Styling your dining table for the holiday season is all about creating a space that reflects your personal style and sets the stage for unforgettable moments with loved ones. By incorporating these tips and ideas, you can transform your dining table into a show-stopping centrepiece that will impress your guests and create cherished memories. Enjoy decorating and Merry Christmas!

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