Now that the leaves are piling up outside, it’s time to pile on the layers – and not only when getting dressed. Autumn is the perfect time to add different textures, colours and accessories to create a rosy glow and shut out the gloom.

Soft, sensuous faux fur throws, tufted rugs, sheepskins and plump cushions all invite us to sit back and find comfort in the cosiness of our own living spaces.

You can layer throws over sofas and armchairs (fold them neatly and lay over the arm of a sofa for a more formal look, or allow them to hang casually over the back and seat for an informal vibe), drape them over a bed or even pile up a couple in a basket next to the sofa to be grabbed if you feel chilly.

Draped over a sofa, a soft faux fur throw invites you to sit down and snuggle up.

Sheepskin rugs can be layered with other rugs on the floor, draped over ottomans or chairs, or arranged on the sofa with cushions in front of them to make it look enticingly cosy and luxurious.

Introduce some autumn shades by including some naturally tarnished woods and metals, which are in this season. Metallics also add subtle glints of light to a room which are softer than those created by mirrored surfaces and create a different atmosphere depending on which metals you use.

Gold, rose-gold, copper and bronze are warmer and more autumnal while silver, pewter and chrome are cooler but look beautiful when reflecting the flicker of candlelight or the mellow beam of a table lamp.

These metal tray tables add an industrial vibe to your decor, as well as subtly reflecting light.

To finish off your look, arrange seasonal finds and foliage on shelves and table tops. Pumpkins and gourds aren’t just for Halloween, there are metal, painted, felt and cement ornamental versions that can look fabulous displayed on a shelf or table: think of a white cement pumpkin next to a beautiful deep, autumn-toned hydrangea head, for example.

If you’re looking for autumnal inspiration, take a peek at our new homeware range.

We have several new table lamps, from the statuesque two-tier Arabella with its slightly distressed/antiqued look to the shapely Amber in classic dark grey with intricate carved detail. Lamps are ideal for creating a homely, warm atmosphere as they’re not as bright or harsh as overhead lighting.

Also new in and ideal for adding a metallic glint or for mixing and matching with other metallics, are our rope and metal candle holders and floral metal candle holders. These come in large and medium sizes and look equally good paired together.

A grey sheepskin rug and floral metal and rope candle holders add warmth and textural interest to a room.

For a luxurious touch, our gorgeous faux fur throws are hard to beat.

Our co-founder, Sarah Cook, explains: “I think everyone needs one of these fabulous throws in their life! They are a bit of an investment but they are great quality and really do last. They look amazing draped over a sofa or bed. We have them on chairs all over the showroom.”

Mix them up with our well-priced grey sheepskin rugs and you’ll certainly beat the chill this winter!

October 08, 2019

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