Showroom in Farrow & Ball's Mouse's Back
Browns are back for 2022 – they've never gone away for us since we painted our showroom walls in Farrow & Ball's classic greyish brown, Mouse's Back, some four years ago.


It’s good to change things up now and again and that goes for home interiors too. Here at LRI, keeping up with new trends and popular colours is part of our mantra as they influence our designs, fabric choices and home accessory buying.

Not all interior trends fit with our own style and look, and they won’t with yours either, so it’s a case of choosing which best suit your home and lifestyle.

So, what’s new for 2022? We’ve done the research for you and come up with five looks we like best plus ideas as to how you can incorporate them into your home.

Read on for inspiration!

Chocs away!

Browns are big for 2022 – in sweet shades like chocolate, caramel, pecan and cinnamon as well as in more earthy tones, including taupe and umber.

A solid, down-to-earth colour that signifies stability, protection and support, it’s no wonder that post-pandemic we’re favouring browns to help us feel comfortable.

In the past, brown has been associated with a masculine look – think brown leather Chesterfields and dark wood desks, for example.

The colour brown was much-loved in the 70s, teamed in hip homes with oranges and yellows, sometimes in psychedelic patterns! It was seen as too dark and dated for the noughties but there’s a fresh take on brown for the 2020s – teamed with dusky pinks, creams and caramels and teal blue.

If you would just like to introduce a subtle touch of brown into your interiors, you could opt for cushions. Our taupe pebble cushions look beautiful paired with mink velvet cushions, both colours and textures setting each other off perfectly on a neutral sofa.

We’ve always been into brown and co-founders Sarah and Dan have used Farrow & Ball’s Mouse’s Back – a calming greyish brown – on the walls in the showroom.

 Taupe pebble cushions and mink velvet cushions on sofa
Taupe pebble and mink velvet cushions are perfect for mixing browns into any colour scheme.


Back to nature

Connecting to nature and the world around us took on new meaning during the pandemic when for many of us it became a source of solace. Lockdown rules, which restricted us to home and its environs, heightened our appreciation for local parks and green spaces and even prompted many to move house in search of more space.

Bringing the outdoors indoors has long been an interiors theme, whether it’s by using glass for panoramic views of the garden or bringing nature, in the form of plants or natural materials, inside.

In 2022, incorporating the great outdoors into home interiors reaches new levels, with nature-inspired green colour palettes taking centre stage and sustainable and stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine being used across the board from backsplashes to bathtubs, furniture, and decorative objects.

We have always loved the freshness of green at LRI and if you visit our showroom, we’ve a plethora of home accessories in various verdant shades, from faux small leaf pots to spiky succulents in stone troughs to cushions in eucalyptus, pine green and light green.

For the first time last year, we introduced olive green to our range of velvet upholstery and welcomed the plush Petit Royale Ottoman in this new colour. Sales surpassed our expectations and it sold out quickly. We’re expecting more in this spring, so keep an eye on our website if you’re interested.

 Olive velvet upholstered Petit Royale Ottoman
Our olive-green Upholstered Petit Royale Ottoman has proved extremely popular.


We also have a selection of decorative items in natural materials, such as rattan and wicker, as well as stone-effect accessories including candle stands, pine cones and artichokes and nods to nature in the form of decorative acorns. The rustic imperfections of these objects are visually attractive and remind us of the restorative ambiance of the outdoors.


Doing the rounds

The trend for 2022 is steering away from straight lines and right angles in favour of soft curves and rounded shapes.

Softer, more fluid lines are often seen subconsciously as more inviting, and as interiors become cosier and more eclectic, round-edged organic shapes represent a shift away from previously popular straight-lined minimalism.

Curvy sofas and chairs, curved cabinetry, sideboards and tables are all set to feature in the most popular furniture ranges this year.

Here, we really ARE ahead of the curve – with our curved sideboards, consoles, round dining tables, oval ottomans and coffee tables. We even have rounded upholstered armchairs – the Annabelle and the Louis – both featuring beautifully carved curves in all the right places.

 Small curved Belmont weathered oak sideboard
Our small Belmont weathered oak sideboard is gently curved and ideal for smaller spaces. We also have a large version with two cupboards.


Bold patterns and colours

The appeal of all-white everywhere has definitely faded and we’re looking at a brighter, more vibrant 2022 with a return to saturated colours that envelop and welcome you into a room.  

Neutrals still have their place but there’s predicted to be a move towards more vibrant colours and bold patterned fabrics. Again, greens and blues are expected to be popular. Wallpaper continues to be a dominant element, with striking patterns and more textured materials being used to create spaces that are comforting and cocooning.

Being a furniture retailer, we design our collections to be timeless and classic, which means that whichever trends are in – or out – our handcrafted, high-quality furniture looks beautiful against any backdrop.

That’s not to say we don’t like the occasional bright colour though! Our luscious royal blue velvet, which adorns the Petit Royale Upholstered Ottoman as well as our Hamilton dining chairs, brings this gorgeous summery hue into your interior all year round. We also have a lighter blue that’s not dissimilar to Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2022, Bright Skies. It’s airy, fresh and pretty.

And of course, you can always add colour and pattern with accessories, particularly cushions, of which we have plenty…

 Royal blue velvet upholstered buttoned ottoman
Blues are again expected to be popular in home interiors this year and our royal blue velvet Upholstered Petit Royale Ottoman provides a summery burst of colour.


Home bars

Another hangover from the pandemic is the home bar – and even though we’re now allowed back into pubs and restaurants, having a bar area of your own (that could be open all hours!) is still set to be a thing for 2022.

So, if you created a bar area to make you feel as though you were going out while staying in under lockdown, you’ve joined the in-crowd.

Having a bar at home is viewed as a luxury, much like owning a wine cellar, so if you’re going to live life in style (as we aim to do!) you may well need a stylish bar stool – or three – to add a splash of refinement to your sophisticated drinks counter.

Fortunately both our upholstered Kingsley bar stools and our weathered oak Flore bar stools are available to order now!

There's nothing quite like a perfectly mixed chilled cocktail from an elegant glass, so having stocked up on bar stools, check your spirit levels before sitting back to sip your chosen tipple – hey margarita!

 Luxurious upholstered Kingsley bar stools
Our luxurious upholstered Kingsley bar stools will add a sophisticated touch to any home bar or kitchen counter.






February 10, 2022

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