The tables have now arrived...

We were so excited to receive some stunning reclaimed wood dining tables a few weeks back, so we immediately arranged a photo shoot and the perfect location was to be a customers home located in the beautiful Surrey Hills. The Georgian mansion was a former hotel , which has been transformed back into a house very recently and is soon to hit the market and the owner very kindly let us use the house for our shoot.

It was a bit of an overcast day, which is the perfect weather for photographing and much cooler than past weeks, so good conditions for lots of manual work. These tables come in two pieces so a lot of lifting was involved and they weigh an absolute ton! That certainly was a workout for me that day.

I thought very carefully about the styling and didn't want anything too fussy and complicated. So, just a simple backdrop and some cleverly placed accessories and we were away.

One of our new Large Urns with simple orchids displayed in it were used as a centre piece on the Belvedere Dining table.

Our Large Urn really complemented our customer's large statue, which sat very elegantly in front of a French style mirror in the background.

Our best selling Kingsley Dining Chair looked just at home with our new Belvedere Dining Table.

That was one table done and now just one more to go!

The Wolsey Dining Table was photographed in a different room, which had a beautiful large window and a stunning fireplace with carefully cut logs displayed in it. 

I used the Urn this time in the background placed on top of a tall stone plinth and a circular rug was used underneath the table to really show off its wonderful carved legs.

The old reclaimed shutters behind the table were found at a Brocante in the South of France and just had to be used as part of the backdrop.

The table top boasts a striking x-pattern and has been constructed  from hand selected pine planks, which really adds to the old rustic charm of this handmade table.


All in all a good days work even if a bit achy the following day!

August 10, 2013 by Sarah Cook