Styling tips for the new season.

Hello and welcome to LRI’s October blog! Firstly, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Katie, I have been working with the company for some time now. As a qualified Interior Designer, I wanted to share with you all over our coming blogs some ideas and tips, talking all things interiors, hopefully filling you all with some inspiration!


This month’s blog post brings our attention to all things seasonal. Autumn is here and that can only mean one thing; cosy blankets with hot chocolate in front of roaring fires. We have recently welcomed all our beautiful new accessories into our showroom, and whilst styling the showroom is always my favourite part of the design process, I realise that it may actually seem like quite a daunting task. How do we adapt our interiors to the seasons without a whole decorating process each time the leaves start to drop from the trees or the warmer weather starts to make an appearance? In no particular order, let me share five of my top accessorising tips.


  1. Use accent colours

It’s important to recognise that a change of season doesn’t mean you have to think about decorating the whole house with warm colours splashed onto the walls. As you will learn through future blogs, I don’t actually like colour. Ok, ok, that’s a bit strong… what I mean is that I don’t like using intensely bright colours on a wall. I much prefer to stick with a muted colour scheme and use colour as an accent through accessorising. Why? Because it draws your attention in and creates beautiful statements. Imagine this, you walk into a sitting room with the most beautiful muted colour on the walls, candles flickering, everything in its place. Decorating the sofa are some rich velvet cushions. What do you want to do now? Relax back into the cushions? Me too.



  1. Use different textures

Textures create warmth and depth. Fact. Throwing all different types of textures into the mix will create depth into a space. You don’t need to have brightly coloured accessories everywhere in order to create an interesting space. In fact, that can actually create a subconscious confusion and busyness for the mind. Not the kind of mood you want to set for your guests when entering your newly accessorised living area.




  1. Personalise your space.

One of the favourite questions to ask clients when I am designing their homes is about their interests, about their family members etc.  I love nothing more than to walk into a room and see pictures of families and friends. Letting people into your home also lets people into your life. Seeing pictures splashed around the home creates a calmness and softness that is difficult to replicate with any other interior finishes.



  1. Use lighting

Set your space alight with, well… light. Light comes in many forms and is absolutely essential to complete a room. Personally, aside from natural window light of course, I love the look of low level lighting. It creates a mood setting that nothing else can achieve. We, at LRI, have just welcomed the most beautiful lamps into our showroom and share a couple of examples here:



  1. Move, move, and move again

Lastly, but by no means least, and certainly the cheapest way to refresh a room, is simply to move your accessories around to create a whole new look. Rooms that have had the same set up for seasons in and out can be regenerated by simply having a ‘change around’. Move your favourite accessories into a focal space, like underneath a window, or to the coffee table in the centre of the room. And then most importantly, LEAVE IT. Live in that space for a couple of days, take a couple of snaps on your phone, then move it again. What’s the worst that can happen? Eventually you’ll find out what works best for you.

I could talk all day about interiors and styling, but to wrap things up for now, let me leave you with this. Think of accessories as the icing on your cake. Bear with me here (can you tell I’m in the process of making my son’s birthday cake?). Getting the space right is the first part of any Interior Designer’s job. Once that’s right, you have the sponge. Following this is the all important jam and buttercream, i.e. your decorated walls. Lastly, your icing; accessories are the icing on top of the cake, the piece de resistance, if you like. The finishing touches create a look so welcoming you could practically eat it. You need to combine all these key components to create a masterpiece that you are happy with. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love seeing new accessories in the house? I know I do!

That’s all for this month. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We’d love to hear some feedback and comments from you all and look forward to welcoming you with November’s blog.


Until then…

Katie X




October 06, 2017 by Sarah Cook
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