Our Edit - All the latest in fashion, interiors, travel and living that have been tried and loved.


We recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting Morag Turner, who has collaborated with her sister, Rowan Evans to bring us the new online magazine, Our Edit.

Girls after our own heart we immediately hit it off and found we had all sorts in common to include a love of fashion, interiors and all the stylish things in life.

Our Edit brings you the latest in fashion, interiors, travel and living that have been tried and loved. If it’s not in their homes, their wardrobes or contacts book you won’t read about it in Our Edit.

We caught up with them to find out more.



Tell us a bit about your new online magazine, Our Edit?

Our Edit is an online lifestyle magazine covering everything from fashion and wellness to interiors and travel, which I co-edit with my sister Rowan Evans. We have always shared a love of all things stylish and with our backgrounds in magazines and digital publishing, producing our own magazine covering the topics we love seemed like the natural next step.

Our Edit is a curated selection of the latest fashion, interiors, travel and wellness that we have tried and love. If it’s not in our homes, our wardrobes or our contacts book, you won’t read about it in Our Edit.


What are your plans for the magazine for 2017?

2017 will be a big year for us as we grow our readership. We want to expand the magazine further, covering more areas, including more authored editorial from inspirational women, ensuring we give our readers a rounded picture of what it means to live a stylish life. 


What do you get up too when you're not working on the magazine?

 I am a real project person so I always have something on the go. I’ve just finished a big renovation of my house, which has been a labour of love as interior design is a real passion of mine. Living in a building site for six months was not fun but I now have my perfect home so it was worth it. In the Spring I’ll move on to redesigning the garden.

We have three little boys, 8, 6 and 2, so they keep me mega busy. On a Saturday morning you’ll find me by a football or rugby pitch, in my wellies, with my thermos cup. By evening I’ll swap that for a nice restaurant, a LBD and glass of fizz. I love eating out with my husband and our friends and trying new places. My recent favourites are Restaurant Ours in Chelsea and Frenchie in Covent Garden – well worth a visit.


What are your best tips on balancing work life with family life?

 Unless there is a specific reason not to, I only work when the boys are a school and nursery. As soon as they are home at 4pm I focus on them. This means cramming a lot into my days to get through all my work and meetings, but the whole point of working for myself was to make sure I had that flexibility.

For years I worked full time on newspapers and glossy magazines and I loved it, but now I need to structure my work around my children and my home life.

I am also the Queen of the spreadsheet! With three children, work and a packed social life, I need to keep track of who is doing what and when.


What / Who is your biggest inspiration?

 My sister and my friends. I am surrounded by the most amazing women who are all achieving such wonderful things in their working and personal lives. We encourage and inspire each other as we balance motherhood, careers and everything else we have to fit in.


What useful advice would you give to other women looking to start a business?

 Planning is key. Rowan and I spent three months carefully deciding on exactly what we wanted Our Edit to be before we launched. Preparation like that really pays off and it will in any business. It allows you to know how your time is best spent so you can work most efficiently and turn your business from being just an idea to a reality.

I’d also say that there really are no short cuts. If you want to be successful you have to work hard and dedicate yourself to what you are doing. A combination of planning and effort will pay off.


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November 28, 2016 by Sarah Cook
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