The Art Of Accessorising.

Home accessories are vital when adding those all important finishing touches to any interior scheme. Without them a room can look bare and lifeless. So whether it is through the addition of subtle lighting or decorative items, accessorising your home allows you to put on your own personal stamp on any room.

willow basketware cutlery art side

It is important when thinking about accessorising that walls are dressed appropriately, especially if they are plain in design. So where to start. Wall art adds colour and texture to a neutral background. Mirrors are also a great addition as on the one hand they serve to dress the walls, whilst on the other they provide a function. Mirrors can also add light to a room and can create the illusion of more space.

There are many other products out there enabling you to accessorise your home. One of my personal favourites are faux plants and flowers. These are made to look stunning displayed in an urn or a large pot and these can easily be moved around to create different looks. 

Large Grey Metal Urn

Another effective way of creating your own unique home style is to add individual throws and cushions to a room these both have the ability to create a snug and comfortable atmosphere and can also be changed easily season by season in order to create different looks for different times of the year.

it takes time to find the right accessories which complement your living space, so don't rush. I am always on the lookout whereever I go for unusual classic pieces, which I can use for years to come. You just never know when you might come across the perfect item youv'e always been searching for.

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October 05, 2013 by Sarah Cook
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