Why French Style Furniture is so popular.

When designing interiors, the French-style is an eternal source of inspiration, and one of my favorite interior styles. It has become ever so popular particularly when choosing furniture.  In my opinion  French style furniture is always so popular because it is always so timeless. It is a style, which you can use for years to come. 

Louis chairs that were pleasing to the eye hundreds of years ago still remain so today and Ottoman coffee tables with  plush upholstered surfaces are glamorous without being over the top and are a great alternative to a standard coffee table.


French style furniture has perfected the art of introducing dramatic, statement pieces of furniture within an interior in such a way that complements the space and other furnishings.  


The French style is turned to again and again because it manages to be at once glamorous, yet refined; subtle, yet striking; comfortable yet elegant.  A French style interior is achingly elegant, and yet doesn't shout about it.  Rather it speaks softly, in dulcet tones.  And that, to me, is so incredibly French. 








June 19, 2013 by Sarah Cook
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